How to Tell If You Have Gum Disease

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Do you happen to see blood after brushing your teeth? Don’t treat this occurrence as something normal. Why, would you feel the same way if you see blood after brushing your hair? Bleeding is one of the indications that the patient has gum disease. The initial stage of this devastating condition is gingivitis, which only affects the gums. If left untreated, the infection of the gums can progress below the gum line into the bones. When this happens, the conditions become more severe—leading to periodontitis. Aside from the gums, this advanced stage can also affect the bones or even cause the teeth to become loose or eventually fall out.

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Unfortunately, both gingivitis and periodontitis increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, pneumonia, and diabetes. The key to its treatment? Early detection. For everyone to be vigilant when it comes to gum disease, we at VIP Dentistry prepared a list of signs to watch out for.

Sensitive teeth

Does drinking something cold make you wince? This indicates the recession of the gums—a symptom of gum disease. What causes this uncomfortable sensation is the exposure of the sensitive dentin, which causes tooth sensitivity whenever the teeth are subjected to cold water and air.

Bad breath

The mouth serves as a home for millions of bacteria which feeds on plaque. As bacteria continue to enjoy this harmful substance, they release toxins that irritate the gums and cause a foul smell. Bad breath can also be a symptom of serious gum disease; that is why having it checked by a dentist is best for them to know the exact cause.

Loose teeth

Gum disease is a condition that can also affect the bones that hold the teeth in place—causing the teeth to become loose. If your smile happens to look different lately, it is best to have the mouth check since periodontitis can change how the teeth fit together.

Red, swollen gums

If the gums appear inflamed, it is one of the initial signs that indicate the need for attention. Aside from this, if the tissue also feels painful and tender, it is best to see a dentist for its treatment.

Since early detection is key for the prevention and treatment of gum disease, it is best to book regular dental appointments without fail. However, if gingivitis is already present, our dentist can perform scaling and root planing. If this treatment is not enough, we will also offer periodontal surgery to make cleaning more effective for the mouth.


If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, take immediate action! Contact us at VIP Dentistry to take advantage of our offers under Laser Gum Treatment in Chino Hills, CA. We are located at 4200 Chino Hills Pkwy., #355, Chino Hills, CA 91709.