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Welcome to VIP Dentistry

Welcome to VIP Dentistry

VIP Dentistry is a premier dental practice that provides quality care, personalized treatments and the very best array in cosmetic and general dentistry options. Dr. David S. Han’s unique background in dentistry and gnathology combines emphases of precision, health, beauty, and comfort where all patients are concerned.
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What makes Dr. Han Outstanding Dr. Han has been practicing in Chino Hills since 1993. He is known as a gnathologist, a dentist who studies the masticatory system, including its physiology, functional disturbances and treatment. In another words, Dr. Han is a dentist who treats teeth, bites, joints, facial muscles and the neuromuscular mechanism as a whole. He performs extremely accurate dentistry, verifying his work as it progresses, applying well-founded gnathological principles and producing final dental treatments that are beautiful, comfortable, predictable and long-lasting. Read More
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