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Teeth Reshaping

Cosmetic Contouring of Teeth

Cosmetic contouring (enamelplasty) of the front teeth is a very conservative treatment that can instantaneously beautify your smile. Dr. Han can reshape your teeth and change the appearance of your smile in just one appointment without any anesthesia. Cosmetic contouring lasts a lifetime and requires only professional cleanings and routine maintenance to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Cosmetic contouring can enhance the following conditions:

  • Small fractures or chips
  • Teeth that are too long
  • Uneven teeth
  • Front teeth that have worn, sharp edges
  • Crowded front teeth


Equilibration is the process of reshaping the chewing surfaces of teeth so that upper and lower teeth fit evenly and function properly with stable jaw joints. The new bite is comfortable and stable.

It is the most difficult and demanding procedure in dentistry. Dr. Han stabilizes the patient’s jaw joints with TMJ Bite Stabilizer. When the jaw joints are stabilized, the ball-ends (condyles) of lower jaw are seated uppermost in socket-ends (glenoid fossae) of upper jaw, and the patient experiences no pain. He performs a tracing (Gnathographic tracing) to locate the rotation center of joints and to find the complete movements of lower jaw. He transfers that information to a fully adjustable articulator that exactly duplicates the patient’s jaw movements. He then reshapes the teeth on the patient’s upper and lower models to accommodate the patients jaw relationship and jaw movements.  The fully adjustable articulator is a dental instrument that exactly relates the patient’s bite and duplicates the patient’s jaw movements. Dr. Han reshapes teeth on at least three sets of models. He then duplicates what he did on the models on the patient’s teeth by reshaping enamels of teeth only until the patient’s bite becomes stable and comfortable.


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