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Sedation Dentistry

Chino Hills Sedation Dentistry

At VIP Dentistry Dr. Han and his staff provide a calm and relaxing environment to patients undergoing care. From iPods to blankets, we extend comforts to patients to make them feel right at home, but we understand that for some patients, even the gentlest treatments can be stressful, so we also offer sedation dentistry. Whether you are going through the process of dental implants or visiting us for cosmetic dental care, we can help make your appointment comfortable and stress free.

Common Reasons for Sedation Dentistry Include:

  1. A severe gag response to any kind of dental treatment
  2. Resistance to local anesthetic – difficulty in getting numb
  3. Time restraints – you do not have time for many appointments
  4. Post-operative pain – you always have severe pain after dental treatments
  5. You are nervous, anxious and fearful

Put an End to Dental Fear

Do you avoid going to the dentist because your fear is so intense that your palms start to sweat at the very thought of a dental visit and you get sick-to-your-stomach or can’t sleep? If so, you are not alone, close to 50% of our population avoids dental care because of fear. Our team truly understands and wants to work with you to make a healthy, beautiful smile possible.

Sedation can help by providing you with a relaxed, easy state, where Dr. Han can complete your dental work without pain and little memory of the process. Without the stress associated with treatment, you will experience reduced anxiety surrounding your dental visit. You feel like you slept right through it, and walk away relaxed and knowing that you finally did it – with a bright smile and healthy teeth again!

Contact our Chino Hills Dental Office

Visiting the dentist can be anxiety-free, so if you are interested in sedation dentistry, please contact our office. We truly strive to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for all of our patients, but Dr. Han understands that having your teeth worked on can still make some patients nervous. If you have questions about sedation dentistry or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact VIP Dentistry and we will be happy to assist you.

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