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Meet Dr. David Han


Dr. Han has been practicing in Chino Hills since 1993. He is known as a gnathologist, a dentist who studies the masticatory system, including its physiology, functional disturbances and treatment. In another words, Dr. Han is a dentist who treats teeth, bites, joints, facial muscles and the neuromuscular mechanism as a whole. He performs extremely accurate dentistry, verifying his work as it progresses, applying well-founded gnathological principles and producing final dental treatments that are beautiful, comfortable, predictable and long-lasting.

Dr. Han’s passion for excellence and unique career development in dentistry have allowed him to offer comprehensive, general, esthetic and occlusal dentistry that has been time-tested on his patients. Dr. Han’s grand mother’s uncle, Dr. Suk-Tae Ham, was the first registered dentist (2/5/1914) and opened the very first Korean owned dental office “Hansung Dental Clinic” in Seoul, in June of 1914. He was Founder and President of Hansung Dental Association(1925) in Korea as well. Dr. Han proudly inherit his prior-generations sprit that served dentistry for his people as well as last the King and Queen prior to Republic of Korea.

Over 20 years of Private Practice and Advanced Education

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California Irvine, Dr. Han went on to complete his dental education at University of California (UCLA) School of Dentistry in 1991. Dr. Han then completed his post-graduate General Practice Residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Han has continued to further his dental education and skills through advanced training. He mastered cosmetic dentistry by completeing Mini-Residency in Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry at UCLA Dental School in Los Angeles.

He has completed advanced courses in Occlusion, Aesthetic Dentistry and TMD Management at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in San Francisco and The Pankey Institute in Florida.

Dr. Han is currently a Senior Instructor and Director of TMD management, the Advanced FOSA Therapy or TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy and Centric Relation (CR) Dental Courses at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in San Francisco. Dr. Han is also an expert in Gnathological Laboratory Techniques.

Mentor and Teacher in Comprehensive, Esthetic and Occlusion (C.E.O) Based Dentistry

Dr. Han has been invited by several dental professional organizations in the nation to present his highly successful treatment cases and to teach other practicing dentists. It includes the annual meetings of American Academy of Restorative Dentistry in Chicago, International Academy of Gnathology in Arizona, as well as the annual conventions of California Dental Association in Anaheim.

Dr. Han is currently mentoring professional dentists at F.A.C.E. (Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education) Southern California Study Groups.

Dr. Han is director of F.O.S.A.(FACE Orthopedic Stabilizing Appliance Therapy or TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy) Program for professional dentists at F.A.C.E.

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